Digital Women

{ Iowa State University }


Digital Women is an Iowa State University student organization dedicated to encouraging, supporting and retaining women in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and MIS.

We want to help you succeed by providing opportunities for networking, career development, and much-needed fun with other like-minded women in technical majors.

Digital Women meets every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in Coover 3043.

Joining Digital Women is easy! All you need to do is sign up on our stuorg website and begin showing up to meetings.

You can find our schedule of meetings here . You can also find Digital Women on Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub.



Do I have to attend every meeting?

Nope! Feel free to come and go to meetings you are able to attend. You will always be welcomed whether you attend one meeting in a semester, or 15.


Will food be provided?

YES! Food choices vary by week. If there's something specific you want you should tweet us, post on our Facebook, or let someone on exec know so we can accommodate!


Do I have to be in CS/CPRE/EE/SE/MIS to join?

Nope. While we highly encourage you to be in one of our focus majors, a love for technology is all that's required to join! :)


President - Ashley Dvorsky
Ashley is a senior in Computer Engineering. Her hobbies include obsessing over owls and crafting like a boss. She makes the best squirrel shaped brownies, and can sing all songs from the first High School Musical.

Vice President - Ellen Holland
Ellen is a junior in Computer Science. Her spirit animal is a Hobbit, primarily a Took.

E-Mail - LinkedIn - GitHub

Secretary - Jacqueline Johnson
Jacqueline is a junior in Software Engineering, who likes video games and the color yellow.


Treasurer - Joey Sogard
Joey is in Software Engineering who is very unique among the Digital Women executives because of two reasons: he can not do a cartwheel, and has a Y-chromosome.


Industry Relations - Aimee Pierce
Aimee is in Chemical Engineering, who likes programming, tea time with friends, climbing rocks, speaking Spanish and dancing!


Outreach - Kate Litscher
Kate is a junior in Computer Science, who likes bees, programming and talking politics.


Grace Hopper - Christine Hicaro

E-Mail - LinkedIn

Social - Sara Mace
Sara is a sophomore in Computer Science, who likes programing, hanging with friends, and puppies.


Public Relations - Mansi Shah
Mansi is a sophomore in Bioinformatics, who likes pizza, superheros, & biology.


Webmaster - Sydney Ehlinger
Sydney is a sophomore in Software Engineering, who is obsessed with Stranger Things, garlic bread, and has a fear of ferris wheels.