Welcome to the Digital Women Club Website!

Our purpose is to encourage, support, and retain women in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, MIS, and any other field involved with electrical technology. We provide students with meaningful opportunities and social activities which promote positive relationships among students and faculty. We also encourage members of Digital Women to become an influence for good on campus and in the community.

The Team

Anne Ore
Software Engineering

Gabby Ortman
Vice President
Computer Science

Kimberly Larson
Management Information Systems

Debbie Baeder
Secretary/Social Chair
Electrical Engineering

Brittany Duffy
Industry Relations Chair
Electrical Engineering

Megan Sharp
Website Designer
Electrical Engineering

Katie Gresback
Membership/Public Relations Chair
Electrical Engineering


Dr. Phillip Jones
Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECpE

Events: Spring 2015

Date and Time Event Location
1/22/15 @ 6:00pm Design Challenge Coover 1016
1/29/15 @ 6:00pm Bowling MU
2/5/15 @ 6:00pm Career Fair Info(Resume Critique) Coover 1016
2/12/15 @ 6:00pm Post Career Fair Info(Interview Help) Coover 1016
2/19/15 @ 6:00pm Graduate School Talk with Dr. Jones Coover 1016
2/26/15 @ 5:30pm Workiva Networking Event Workiva
3/5/15 @ 6:00pm Tower Building Workshop Coover 1016
3/12/15 @ 6:00pm Game Night Coover 1016
3/26/15 @ 6:00pm Pool Social State Gym
4/2/15 @ 6:00pm Chrome Dev Tools Workshop with Anne Ore Coover 1016
4/9/15 @ 6:00pm Texas Instruments Soldering Workshop!! Coover TLA
4/16/15 @ 6:00pm Raspberry Pi Workshop with Gabby Ortman Coover 1016
4/23/15 @ 6:00pm Elections!!! Coover 1016